In  2018 to 2019 The Home Office funded 2.5 Million to deliver these services.    


Considerable experience working with TACT / terrorist-related offenders both in prison and in the community. TUI has worked with over 200  terrorist offenders to date, also tackling extremism in the community and working with over 170 at the grassroots. They also work successfully with individuals  subject to TPIMs and TEOs. The results with the highest risk cases post licence have been positive, with some now actively and publicly counter-propagating at the grassroots level on a voluntary basis in  conjunction with TUI.            


TUI has Academic credibility. Academic institutions including the Royal United Strategic Institute and The Combating Terrorism Centre based at West Point Military academy support TUI’s work. Renowned   Terrorism Experts, Paul Cruickshank and CNN Terrorism Expert and  Dr Douglas Weeks, Senior Terrorism lecturers at State of California University and London Metropolitan University view TUI’s ability in this field as being unrivalled and at the forefront Internationally. Dr Weeks based his opinion on a large EU funded multi-country two year study of mentors working with terrorism offenders in 2013. In-House Academic Support. Since 2013, Dr Douglas Weeks (mentioned above) has been a senior   advisor to TUI. Dr. Weeks has a strong practitioner background (he served as his city’s Counter-Terrorism   Coordinator from 1996 until he retired in 2009). During that time, he worked closely with local and   federal law enforcement in the United States and was involved in terrorism related criminal investigations, intelligence sharing and analysis, threat and vulnerability assessment, response planning, and policy advisement. He also has considerable international experience working with law enforcement and other security related governmental groups in Israel, Palestine, and Northern Ireland.         


Experience of working with key stakeholders: TUI has experience of daily interactions with the Home Office and key partners such as the police, NOMS, security services, military and government  both local and central. Conducting key stakeholder training across Prison, Probation, Police and Governmental staff.