Who We Are

The Unity Initiative provides in-prison and community based emotional, family and practical support to vulnerable youth and ex offenders, both men and women, with a view to positively empower them to redirect their lives, feel valued and become integrated and contributing members of society. 

We were set up in 2009 in order to help with the reintegration of persons who had been imprisoned for terrorism. Our work which was delivered 95% free between 2009 to 2015 saw us enter UK Prisons as well as help entire families through their difficulties. Our work has allowed us the privilege of creating strong and enduring relationships that have gifted us with a large volunteer group, some of whom have benefitted from the TUI support they received. These volunteers work to counter hatred, violence and support the vulnerable in their communities across the UK. 

We have experience dealing with a number of issues including but not restricted to gang violence, domestic violence, substance abuse, homelessness, alcoholism, financial distress, mental health issues, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, modern slavery, restorative justice, refugee support, radicalisation, extremism. 


Each week our professionally trained staff deliver over 120 hours of intervention in an effort to make a positive change. Having seen the results, we are uncompromising in our belief that supporting positive activism can not only dismantle lack of self-belief, hatred and fear, but also transform and empower both youth and adults constructively.​ 


What We Do

TUI supports vulnerable individuals to identify, isolate and modify harmful behaviours and ideologies through the development of critical thinking skills. We empower individuals by working with them to understand and enhance protective factors and supporting them to believe in themselves as able, positive and valuable contributors to society. 

We are the leading provider of one to one interventions and mentoring in the UK. Our work has transformed the lives of countless individuals and supported them to give back to society.  We provide community interventions, group interventions and educational programs to create positive change in individuals and communities.